About minCam

minCam GmbH is a leading company in the field of optical pipe-inspection systems. minCam owns an incomparable product portfolio and the products are designed cost efficient through a common platform as the automotive industry does.
Thanks to the platform strategy, which is a real added value for our customers, the products are highly individualizable, enabling minCam to offer customized solutions to its clients. This concept is also implemented in new products, which enables minCam to reduce the development period and reduce the cost.
The company was founded with the clear vision to offer our customers easy to use and robust optical pipe-inspection systems with a variety of options to configure the camera inspection system according the individual needs of our customers.

The story of minCam

  • 2005
    minCam was founded by Hermann Fritz
    The vision was to develop a product portfolio of optical pipe inspection systems
  • 2006
    HCM series as prototype of the mC-series
    First version of minCord, a very small and compact optical inspection system for pipes from 15 up to 80mm diameter
  • 2007
    Introduction of the Duo systems
    The duo Set, a revolutionary development, which combines two optical inspection systems in one device.
  • 2008
    From One-Man Business to Ltd.
    The company minCam was founded in December 2008
  • 2009
    New location of the company
    The new location of minCam was opened in Fischen nearby Oberstdorf.
  • 2010
    Successful market introduction of the mC-series
    Market introduction of the new mC-series, optical inspection systems for pipes between 15 up to 400mm diameter.
  • 2011
    minCam acquires assets of TV-IS GmbH
    minCam acquires assets of the company TV-IS Gmbh, including know how of a fully developed platform. Also, experienced engineers join minCam.
  • 2013
    Market introduction of the new pan & tilt inspection system minCam360
    The pan & tilt inspection system distinguishes itself by an extremely robust camera head, one of the smallest in the market, which allows even an inspection of pipes with 70mm diameter. The system is unbeatable regarding the bend mobility.
  • 2015
    Market introduction of the mC80
    The big optical inspection system up to 130m push rod length captures the market
  • 2018
    HQIB acquires minCam & new CEO
    Harald Quandt Industriebeteiligungen GmbH (“HQIB”) acquires minCam GmbH. Harald Quandt Industriebeteiligungen GmbH is the principal investment firm of the family Harald Quandt joined by a small, select number of (industrial) families and partners. As part of the network, the industrial experience as well the resources of HQIB the well positioned company shall continue its successful development. Hermann Fritz resigns as CEO, Frank Keller becomes CEO.
  • 2019
    New CEOs
    Thomas Viell and Axel Riedisser become CEOs, Frank Keller leaves.
  • 2020
    Foundation of the Rausch International Group (RIG)
    Foundation of the Rausch International Group (RIG) as a joint corporate group with Rausch GmbH for strategic and operational cooperation. With 180 employees, the group is one of the top 5 in the world market. Together, Rausch and minCam cover the entire range of pipe and sewer examinations from house connections to municipal areas.
  • 2021
    New location of the company
    Construction of the new company building. Planned move from Langenwang to Immenstadt in November.