All for optical inspection of pipes and sewer.
All Made in Germany.

As experts, we know that every field application is different. We offer sophisticated solutions for a wide range of applications – even for the most individual challenges.
Operating range from DN15 up to DN400+.
For individual requirements thanks smart modular basis.
For a maximum of reliability, robustness and availability.

Our range of products

Sewer (Renovation)
Our sewer inspection systems for renovation enable a perfect damage analysis and monitoring the renovation process. Our robust camera heads with an excellent high-resolution image guarantee the best results
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Sewer (Cleaning and Inspection)
Our sewer inspection systems, for cleaning and inspection of house and property drainage systems are distinguished through excellent pipe bend mobility combined with a smooth manoeuvring of the camera head.
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Our inspection systems for the industry sector are applied for special and very demanding applications in aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, railroad, chemical industry or in more special fields.
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Our inspection systems for fresh water are qualified for inspection of boreholes and wells. For this purpose, we offer also cable drums, control units as well the possibility of video recording and/or text generator.
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